GUIDE: StreetPass 3DS with Homepass on VMware

*UPDATE [18 FEB 2016] – Homepass still can run for system version Ver. 10.7.0-32U

*UPDATE [2 JAN 2017] – Well, this is outdated version of tutorial because of my laziness to update either this tutorial can works on new firmware or not. So try search on latest tutorial on Google for latest one 🙂

StreetPass is a unique feature that available on the 3DS game console. To those who have a game console 3DS should already know and familiar what its function.

“If no StreetPass, so no function of your Mii Plaza” – the hypothesis is accepted 🙂

That’s all I can summarize as New 3DS game console owners in a month. So within a month of that, my friend introduced me to the “passes”, where you no longer need to go walking just to get StreetPasses. Just sit quietly at home and watch the excitement imprisoned green light flicker on your 3DS.

Any discussions related congfiguration passes you can visit the website GBATemp. I’m just as the end user to the home passes and I’m assuming you already have basic with objects related to VMWare, Linux command and Network configuration.


The method used by my friend is using a Wireless Router / Access Point that has been flashed with dd-wrt to allow conversion of the MAC address in the Wireless Router and Internet connection.

To you that may exist Wireless Router / Access Point over, and want to try this way, you can start with step read the discussion on the forum GBATemp and make sure the Wireless Router / Access point you have the support of the dd-wrt.

*I will not be held liable for any problems and damages and losses you encounter*


This latter method, what you need to have is a computer with an Internet connection, some software and a USB Wireless adapter. Discussions to this method can also be read in the forum GBATemp.

For this method, I advise you to find the Wireless USB Adapter that I use (TP-LINK TL-W722N), because I do not quite understand and know about the suitability of the USB Wireless Adapter in this method. Maybe you can do a search on GOOGLE about the suitability of your Wireless Adapter.

VMWARE – VMware Player Version 7

HOMEPASS ISO – Debian Image (Preconfigure dengan nzone script)

USB Wireless Adapter – TP-Link TL W722N

  1. Download the necessary software
  2. Plug in your Wireless USB adapter
  3. Run VMWare player Homepass.vmx
  4. On VMWare player, select Player > Removable Device > (USB Wireless Adapter anda) > Connect
  5. Reboot

If you can see the output as shown above without any error message, it means your USB Wireless Adapter configure successfully. For advance configuration, you may be trying to put setting MAC Filtering on Homepass.

Anyway, best of luck 🙂

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