GUIDE: Add Some Security on Homepass /Streetpass

*UPDATE [2 JAN 2017] – Well, this is outdated version of tutorial because of my laziness to update either this tutorial can works on new firmware or not. So try search on latest tutorial on Google for latest one 🙂

If you noticed, every time Homepass running in VMWare, new Access Point will be appear as “NZ@CD1” or “attwifi”. Those Access Point is not protected by any security password and can allow other users to get Internet for free. So, to prevent unwanted users use the Internet, I suggest that you put the MAC Filtering function at your Homepass. Only allow registered only in MAC address can use the Access Point. To those who would like to hunt around for how to make passes and get the grand StreetPass, may be trying way Homepass in VMWare.

    1. Hit Alt+F1 and login as root user. root/homepass
    2. Make a changes on file wlan0_hostap.conf by type nano /etc/wlan0_hostp.conf
      you will see file content as below;
    3. To setup the MAC Address filtering on wlan0_hostp.conf , type in the modification as picture below. After you finish, hit Crtl+X > Y > Enter to save the file.
    4. Then, create a new file with the name mac_accept. In this file you have to put your 3DS MAC Address. Where only MAC in this file are allowed to get a connection fromNZ @CD1. To create new file, type sudo nano /etc/hostapd/mac_accept
    5. MAC Address Enter your 3DS format AA: BB: CC: DD: EE: FF . Make sure you use a semicolon (;), not dash (-). Then save the file by pressing Ctrl+X > Y > Enter.
    6. Then, change file permission mac_accept by typing chmod 600 /etc/hostapd/mac_accept and then type reboot to restart your VMWare.
    7. When you’re Homepass NZ@CD1 or attwifi is ready, by using smartphones or other laptop, trying to connect to the Access Point. For the result, you will not be able to connect to the AP.

Good luck 🙂

*Any damage or loss that occurs to you is on your own responsibility.

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