GUIDE: Bina CCTV Sendiri Dengan Raspberry Pi

CAUTION: I will not responsible for any damage that you faced. FYI, I not really an expert on calculating voltage value and electrical. So, please advise me for any parts that can be harmful.

MotionPie combination with Raspberry Pi, allowing you to use it as a private CCTV. Find out how your creativity to implementation.

Before you start, there are some softwares that you should have;

MotionPie –

Win32 Disk Imager –

SD Formatter –

Advance IP Scanner –



      1. Download all the software mentioned above.
      2. Extract the file and make sure there MotionPie .img files in it.
      3. Insert your SD Card, run Win32 Disk Imager and write the .img to your SD Card.
      4. Reinsert the SD Card into your RPI, plug in the power plug, insert the USB WebCam, attach the LAN cable to the RPI and Computer / Laptop and turn the plug.
      5. Let the moment, and in the meantime, you can check your IP RPI. Open a command prompt and type ipconfig. Get your LAN IP.
      6. Run the Advanced IP Scanner program to find your IP RPI. If your LAN IP is, so enter in the search space.
      7. Type the IP RPI at your browser to access your dashboard motionPie.

The result;

 Good luck 🙂