INFO: Collector’s Terms: MISB, MIB . . . BIB?

 As a buyer, always know your right when buying something

This article is written base on my experiences and reading through some other blogs that wrote the same thing, Collector’s Terms. I have seen many people asked the term like MISB, BIB and LOOSE. Even for myself at first, I really don’t have any ideas what actually those terms for. Well, basically, those short forms are used by collectors to describe the condition of an item and mostly for toys. So, what are they?

Let’s read more to find it out

  1. MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)
    1. Item is brand new
    2. Box is sealed with manufacturer tape or plastic wrap
    3. Mostly sealed with single tape, but nowadays have few re-tape marks (for operation checking purpose)
    4. For electronic toy, the operation is unknown for the seller itself, buy at your own risk
  1. MOSC (Mint on Sealed Card)
    1. Item is brand new
    2. Toy or box is packed or sealed on a card like Hotwheels car toy
    3. For electronic toy, toys operation is unknown for the seller itself, buy at your own risk
  1. MIB (Mint in Box)
    1. The box or seal is opened for checking the content.
    2. For electronic toy, please ask the toys operation from the seller.
  1. BIB (Back in Box)
    1. Used toy for some period and kept back into the box when they not use it anymore
    2. Make sure check everything is complete or any defective parts before buy it
  1. LOOSE
    1. Used item
    2. No box for sure
    3. Highly advisable to do basic research for the specific toy to avoid bootleg toy

For BIB and LOOSE item, personally I recommend to you, do check the toys on the spot before buying it. You have the right if you plan to buy it.