GUIDE: Digivice D3 ver.15th Anniversary [by DDM]

Credit to our bros and Terry Chan at DDM, for their effort exploring D3 ver.15th and sharing knowledge. Basically D3 is a “universal” digivice (imo). That is connectable with vpets, pendulums, digivices and D3 alike.


You can either clip the D3 on your belt buckle or manually shake it to “Walk” so it can travel the steps in the map to encounter Digimons.

  • Every 100 steps you gain a DP (DP is used for evolution purposes/scanning/training)
  • Every 250 steps you encounter a Digimon to fight
  • If you lost the battle, you will be pushed back 500 steps so try not to lose.

Digivice 3D ver.15th


  • A is the select button. If you’re at the main screen, pressing A, you can see your partner digimons and their stats.
  • B is the cancel button. If you’re at the main screen, pressing B will bring up the map, how many steps are left, how many steps you’ve taken. (NOTE: Shake will not count any steps when your digivice’s screen show map).
  • L is the Left button that brings up the time if you’re in the main screen
  • R is the Right button brings up the Menu screen if you’re in the main screen.



DIGIMENTAL: Your Digimentals egg collection. However, Digimental do break and reduce the egg number when you keep loosing when using the same egg during battle on Map.

TRAINING : Train your partner. This will consumer 1pt DP.

[OPTION A] – Pendulum style, read this to know D-3 ver.15th Shaking Hot Tricks!

[OPTION B] – Mashing A button like a crazy!

How to make your partners into the desired attribute:

Time to train/walk/battle your Digimon matters in this.

VA= 8am – 11.59am

DA= 12pm – 5pm

VI = 5pm onwards

SEARCH: Searches the area for electronic sources so a Digimental can be found or Digimon for fight. This will consume 2pt DP.

COMMUNICATION: Battle or trade with another D-3 and other Digivices/v-pet. Sadly cannot link to Wonderswan.

Battle Menu Guide. credit to Ahmad Bali

REGISTRY: Shows your win/lose ratio.

TREATMENT: Heals your Digimon if it gets injured in battle.


If you encounter a battle while “Walking/Shake”, these are the options:

  • [OPTION1] Use Current Digimon:
    • Once this option is selected your Digimon will attack. After 3 attacks, or when someone’s Hit Points go down to zero – the battle is over (you lost if a skull appears).
  • [OPTION2] Evolve with Digimental:
    • Use Digimental. You can only do this once per battle.
  • [OPTION3] Select Partner:
    • You can choose partner to Battle, and do evolve them before fight.
  • [OPTION4] Normal Evolve:
    • You can evolve normally. This option will unlock when you reach Map 7.



Map 7 – Reach Map 7, Wormmon joins your team and you will get Crest of Courage right away, you can see it on Menu after Treatment icon.

Unlock special scene and Transfer Crest of Courage to D2 15th – Take you D2 15th (without Crest of Courage) and choose battle. Then choose Crest of Courage on your D-15th and connect both of it. After the special scene, you will see Crest of Courage on D2 15th.

Map 21 – Imperialdramon Fighter mode is available. 

Map 26/27 – Start scanning Wave detect to “Find” Omegamon, he shall give you the Omegablade, once Omegablade is unlocked, so is Imperialdramon Paladin Mode

Map 27/28 – Veedramon joins your team and able to unlock UlforceVeemon after meeting the WIN ratio requirement


Drop your comment for any additional information. 🙂