INFO: Digital Monster 20th Anniversary

2 colors will be available called- Brown and Blue

Brown will have Agumon’s digiegg and Blue will have Gabumon’s digiegg.
Anime evolution line. Exclusive each color

Feature Digimon from the version 1 thru version 5 VPETs

You will raise two Digimon at once.
The Digimon will eat together, sleep together, and, of course, poop together

The entire Digimon Evolution cycle is now 2 days.
Life span is still unknown

Two gauges control the battle. The left is timing, the right is intensity.
The two of these affects your attack power

You can Tag Battle with your friends! You can also battle against a copy of your friend’s Digimon when you link up to their 20th V-Pet.
COPY is for battle purpose only

Appearance of Dracomon & Huckmon

New Digimon! Zubamon

If you continue to use Slayerdramon and Breakdramon in tag battles they will be able to fuse into Examon

Hardcore Colliseum Mode! You’ll do consecutive battles against Omegamon, Dukemon, Beelzebumon, and Lucemon Falldown Mode.

Tons of extra Digimons

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